Access to your Private Gallery

Please remember that we are unable to keep images after 6 months due to their large file size, after which your gallery and images will be deleted.  We allow for 6 months to ensure you have plenty of time to manage your pictures. 

Image Copying  and Sharing

 We understand the desire to share some of your favourite images on social media, for which web-sized watermarked images will be provided for social network sharing.  We kindly ask that you refrain from taking a picture or copying any of the images in the gallery with mobile devices or any other method of copying that would create an illegal copy.  We understand this is often done without one realizing that this is frowned upon and illegal under copyright laws.  Our logo is to remain visible and un-altered on all web-sized images published on social networking sites. You are welcome to share your gallery and password with friends and family.  They are welcome to view and/or place an order which will be processed separate to yours without any hassle to you.  Our logo will not be visible on ordered prints.  Please enter the password you were provided. Thank you.