Hi, my name is Lisa.  My husband Martin and I are currently scheduling to meet with builders who would like to quote for a single storey rear extension build as well as Project Manage a house remodel on a detached brick built property in Towcester NN12 in 2017. 

A picture of the plans and lists of all tentative work requirements can be viewed in the images below, just to give you an idea of the depth of this project so you can decide if it's something you would like to consider taking on.

A little bit about us, we are a family of three.  We plan on living in the home during the work and understand that it will be messy, things will go wrong and it will be a bit hectic.  Ideally we would like a phased project, as we will still need to use some of the facilities while other areas are in progress.  We are very easy going, friendly, approachable people to work for and will endeavour to be home during the works.  Husband works from home and I am usually here too.  

Our expectation is for all work to be completed to a high standard.  We would like you to come and spend a little time with us to go over all the details of what to expect, how things are handled, provide us with a few references of previous work we can view in person, not photos. We just want to make sure to cover all our bases.  I have prepared this web page to make sure the people we do meet know exactly what we want before they come, so no time is wasted.

Finding the right builder is far more important than an April start date.  We will wait until we find the right builder that fits with us.  We will hire someone who is going to treat this project as if it's their own home and see it finished to a high standard, being present each day looking after the project, not multiple other projects during our turn, who can communicate with us and provide updates and details of schedules.  Quality work and good communication definitely outweighs project length too.  Many of you have been referred to us by our architect, Bob.  We hired him after many previous quotes because he turned up, gave us a quote based on the actual work which was not based on our post code or personal financial gain.  

After you have seen the details of this project and know a little bit about us, if you are interested, we would like to invite you to contact us to schedule a meeting.  Please see our schedule below.  We will provide printed copies of lists and plans at the meeting. We are scheduling meets through mid November and hope to make our final decision and secure a date soon after.  

Email lisacoate@hotmail.com

TEXT 0779 197 3844

TO SPEAK - phone home at 01327 353 692.  My mobile phone service is bad.

If I miss your call, please leave a message.  I will respond to all interested.   We will provide copies of plans and project lists for you to take home after we meet.  The images below are simply to give you an idea of the project scale and help you decide if this is something you would like to do.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Coate


Our Availability to Meet: 

Tuesday through Friday Before 2pm 

We can be available on any of these days before 2pm with good notice. 


 Weekday Afternoons and Saturday:

Tuesday        – Free from 3:30 till 5:00.  Alternatively we are free after 6:30 pm

Wednesday  – Free after 6 pm

Friday            – free anytime after 3:30

Saturday       –Free before 12pm