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Welcome Aspire Arts!

Its been a pleasure to photograph your children at some of the past events.  

The images for the open event have slowly been added for viewing.  Your patience was much appreciated while we sorted through the mass of images taken that evening.  All of the images have been sized for web/social network at 72dpi and are free to download.  These images are not sized for prints.  Some prints can be made available, but not all of the images are suitable for printing due to the technicalities that come with indoor performance pictures.   


You must register to view the images.  Your details will not be used for any other purpose, other than for access to the album and will not be shared with any third parties.  These albums are exclusive to Aspire Parents and students and their families. If you place an order, please ensure your contact details and email address is correct before placing the order.

All events that were photographed will have two albums each:

  • Print Sized for print ordering at reduced Aspire rates - these are watermarked, but your prints will not have our logo. (Open Event excluded pending interest in prints).
  • Web Sized for free downloading and social media sharing

Please be aware of other individuals in group pictures and be sure to get permission to share pictures relevant to you which contain other persons within them.  Due to the volume of pictures we cannot monitor sharing, but ask that you please be respectful of privacy.  Piccieprints will never use any images for marketing where consent has not been given.    

In the event you wish to have an image removed from the site, contact us by email with the details of the album/s and picture number to request removal.  We use our better judgement when selecting what we consider the best pictures. We understand if you dislike a picture for any particular reason and always welcome feedback.  

Every effort was made to ensure each person attending the Happy Birthday JC recording and the Senior Girls Recording session was present in at least one picture.  It was not possible, due to time constraints, to take an outdoor portrait of each child at the JC recordings. The "Extra" albums contain pictures of a few children that were selected at random to photograph but was not inclusive of the requirements needed that day.  This gave us an opportunity to produce some examples of our relaxed portrait style.

Please feel free to download and use web sized images for social network sharing, but we kindly ask that our logo remain visible and unaltered on the images at all times with the terms detailed above in mind. We thank you for your understanding.  To download, click on a photo to enlarge, then hover your mouse in the upper right corner for a menu. We may contact a few of you to ask if we may have your permission to share your child's picture on website or Facebook page, of which we would require a signed consent.  There is never an obligation and we respect your privacy with no pressure if you would rather not. 

Enjoy the albums and if you haven’t done so already, please like us on Facebook.  Thank you.  


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